Terms & Conditions

I agree to the following terms and conditions anytime I bring my pet(s) in for any service.

  • All pets will be brought in on a leash, (no flex-leads), or in a carrier
  • As the pet owner I will inform Pits to Poodles of any and all health issues either prior to my appointment or upon arrival for my appointment.
  • I agree that Pits to Poodles is not responsible for any exacerbation of any pre-existing health conditions, known or unknown to the owner of the pet.
  • I understand that I must discuss any form of sedation of my pet, be it a prescription or an over the counter medication, before my appointment. I understand that if I do not discuss sedation prior to my appointment Pits to Poodles may not accept my pet for services and I agree to pay for the full cost of the services I requested.
  • I understand that I must inform Pits to Poodles before my appointment if my pet has shown any signs of aggression at any time to people or other animals. I understand that this is for the safety of the staff and the safety of my pet. I understand that Pits to Poodles may use a muzzle without notifying me first for the safety of the staff and my pet.
  • I understand that Pits to Poodles and its employees reserve the right to refuse to complete services at any point, for any reason. Pits to Poodles takes into consideration, first and foremost, the safety and comfort of your pet. If any employee feels at any point that the grooming process it is a threat to the safety or comfort of your pet (or a threat to employees safety) we reserve the right to stop the groom. Pits to Poodles will charge fees according to services that were completed.
  • In the event the staff suffers an injury we reserve the right to obtain proof of all legally required vaccinations.
  • In the event that my pet needs medical attention while at Pits to Poodles, I understand that the staff will make reasonable attempt to contact me. If I am not able to be reached or the circumstance is an emergency that does not allow time for trying to make contact, I understand and agree to the staff of Pits to Poodles to seek and obtain veterinary care for my pet at my expense and will not hold Pits to Poodles responsible for a naturally occurring death.
  • If fleas are found on my pet I understand that there will be an additional charge and flea shampoo and conditioner will be used. If ticks are found I understand the staff will remove the ticks.
  • If my pet is matted or has matts, I understand that I may be charged additional fees. I also understand that Pits to Poodles is not responsible for any scratches, cuts, nicks, abrasions, bruises or any other medical condition that occurs as a result of removing matted hair or as a result of my pets behavior during the grooming process.
  • I understand that Pits to Poodles is by appointment only and that I will receive a reminder 48 hours prior to my appointment via text and email and if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment I must do this 24 hours prior.
  • I understand that if I do not give 24 hour notice for cancellation/rescheduling or I do not show up for my appointment I will be charged the full cost of the services I requested and I must pay this immediately in order to make another appointment and/or to retain my grooming schedule.
  • I understand that it is critical to be on time and if I am late I may be charged a fee or I may have to reschedule my appointment and have to pay for the cost of the services I requested.
  • I understand that I need to pick up my pet promptly. If I leave my pet for an unreasonable amount of time and/or after closing I will be charged a fee.
  • I understand that grooming for one dog takes 2-4 hours, 2 small dogs 2.5-4.5 hours, 2 large dogs 4-5 hours etc.
  • I understand that Pits to Poodles will notify me via text as soon as they have an exact time of completion.
  • I understand that if I enter the salon before my pet is finished they may become to excitable to safely complete their grooming. This may result in my pet being returned to me “As-Is” (at full price) if I come to collect them before they are complete.
  • I understand I am not allowed to stay with my pet during grooming.
  • Pits to Poodles accepts cash, any credit cards and Venmo. We also accept online payment via an invoice. Invoices MUST be paid by the end of the business day. I underdtand if I do not pay the invoice by the end of the business day Pits to Poodles will cancel the 1st invoice, add a late payment fee and send out a 2nd invoice to be paid immediately.

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